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Competitive Edge


The Foothills Eagles Football Association is proud to work in collaboration with Competitive Edge Sport Therapy to minimize the cumulative effects of head injuries in sport through prompt and proper recognition and treatment. All athletes participating in Bantam Football are provided with preseason neurocognitive baseline testing as well as a thorough preseason assessment. In the event of a head injury, the athlete will follow the Competitive Edge Concussion Management Program. This consists of personalized guidance to manage their symptoms and ensure they are partaking and refraining from the right activities. This will help them to return to everyday life and allow themselves to heal as quickly and safely as possible. Once symptom free, the individual will complete post injury neurocognitive testing to determine that their brain function has returned to what is was preseason, as well as a 5 day graduated return to play so we know that they are at their best and truly ready for participation when they return to sport.

To contact Competitive Edge in regard to baseline testing or post-injury follow up, please call 403-252-6222 or email

For further information in regards to the Competitive Edge Concussion Management Program or Athletic Therapy services to rehabilitate and treat an injury, ache, pain, or tightness, please visit